└ POE Alkyl Nonyl phenyl Ether
└ POE Nonyl phenyl Ether
└ POE Octyl phenyl Ether
└ POE Tristyrenated phenyl Ether
└ POE Alkyl Ether
└ POE Lauryl Ether
└ POE Cetyl Ether
└ POE Stearyl Ether
└ POE Oleyl Ether
└ POE High alkyl Ether
└ POE Branched decyl Ether
└ POE Tridecyl Ether
└ POE Alkyl amine Derivatives
└ POE Lauryl amine Derivatives
└ POE Stearyl amine Derivatives
└ POE Oleyl amine Derivatives
└ POE Tallow amine Derivatives
└ POE Alkyl Ester
└ POE Cator oil Derivatives
└ POE Hydrogenated castor oil Derivatives
└ PEG Series1
└ PPG Series1
└ POE Sorbitan fatty acid Ester1
└ EO/PO Copolymer
└ EO/PO block copolymer1
└ EO/PO random copolymer1
Product name EO mol Appearance HLB Application Packing unit MSDS
MONOPOL ENA-DE3 3 Colorless transparent Liquid 9.1 Emulsifier 180Kg
MONOPOL ENA-DE4 4 Colorless transparent Liquid 10.5 Emulsifier, Hard Surface Cleaner, Cleaner 180Kg
MONOPOL ENA-ODAE4 4 Colorless transparent Liquid 11.1 Emulsifier, Hard Surface Cleeaner, Cleaner 180Kg
MONOPOL ENA-LAE3 3 Colorless transparent Liquid 8.3 Emulsifier, Raw material for shampoo base(SLES, ALES), sulfates and phosphates 180Kg
MONOPOL ENA-LAE4 4 Colorless transparent Liquid 9.5 Emulsifier, Raw material for agrochemicals and phosphates 180Kg
MONOPOL ENA-LAE7 7 Colorless Liquid 12.5 Emulsifier, Cleaner, Detergent 200Kg
MONOPOL ENA-LAE9 9 White Paste 13.4 Emulsifier, Cleaner, Detergent 200Kg
MONOPOL ENA-LAE10 10 White Paste 13.9 Emulsifier, Cleaner, Detergent 200Kg